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Games Workshop Previews Nightmares, Pyres, and… Gnomes

Games Workshop Previews Nightmares, Pyres, and… Gnomes

Games Workshop’s latest Sunday preview unveils a lineup of upcoming releases for Warhammer. Scheduled for pre-order on Saturday, the assortment includes new expansions for both Kill Team and Warcry, as well as an intriguing addition to Blood Bowl with a Gnome team.

Kill Team: Nightmare Unveiled

“Kill Team: Nightmare” introduces a confrontation between the Night Lords and the Drukhari Mandrakes, two factions known for their ruthless tactics. This expansion offers a comprehensive package, featuring 20 miniatures representing both teams, a terrain piece, and a 96-page book that includes rules, background stories, and new scenarios. Players can also expect cards and tokens designed to enhance the gameplay experience.

Warcry: Pyre and Flood Expansion

The “Warcry: Pyre and Flood” expansion dives into the ongoing conflict within the Gnarlwood, showcasing the clash between the ghostly Nighthaunt and the Lumineth Realm-Lords. The set comprises 18 miniatures across two warbands, terrain pieces, and a Warband Tome filled with lore and rules, alongside a set of cards to facilitate battles.

Blood Bowl Introduces the Glimdwarrow Groundhogs

Blood Bowl’s roster expands with the addition of the Glimdwarrow Groundhogs, a team of Gnomes ready to bring their unique tactics to the pitch. The team set features 14 miniatures, including Linemen, Illusionists, and Beastmasters, complete with thematic balls and tokens. The accompanying Spike! Journal Issue 17 provides detailed information on utilizing the Gnome team, along with insights into new Star Players and league advice.

Additional Releases

The announcement also covers the individual release of the Wildercorps Hunters and Gorger Mawpack warbands for Warcry, alongside new Ravaged Lands scenery sets to enhance tabletop battles. For those interested in Warhammer lore and narratives, new books and editions of White Dwarf magazine are on the horizon, offering a deep dive into various aspects of the Warhammer universe.