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Pandasaurus Games Announces Expansion for “Beacon Patrol”

Pandasaurus Games Announces Expansion for “Beacon Patrol”

Pandasaurus Games recently unveiled an expansion for its well-received 2023 game, “Beacon Patrol.” Named “Ships & Shores,” the expansion adds new elements and strategies to the base game, which has garnered a following for its cooperative play and engaging mechanics.

The base game of “Beacon Patrol” is designed for 1-4 players, offering play sessions ranging from 20-30 minutes and is suitable for players aged 8 and above. With an MSP of $14.95, the game was developed with a focus on cooperative play, tile placement, and grid movement, attributes that are highlighted through the design and illustrations of Torben Ratzlaff. The expansion is scheduled for release in June 2024 and is positioned to extend the game’s exploration and defense of the North Sea.

“Ships & Shores” introduces a series of new ships, each with distinct abilities to aid players as they navigate the game’s challenges. These include the Construction Ship, which allows for the refill of one movement token upon placing a tile, and the Research Vessel, which provides the option to swap up to two tiles each turn. Other additions like the Coast Guard Ship, Hover Craft, Pilot Ship, Ferry, and Submarine offer various strategies for movement and tile management, enriching the gameplay with additional strategic depth.

Furthermore, the expansion enhances the game by incorporating new tiles, broadening the scope for scoring and introducing new obstacles. This development is aimed at providing players with varied gameplay experiences and additional layers of strategy.

Preorders for “Beacon Patrol: Ships & Shores” are currently available on the Pandasaurus Games website. A notable incentive for early orders is the early shipment of the game, allowing those who preorder to receive their copy two weeks before the general release date.