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Steamforged Games Sets May 2nd for Euthia: Cruel Frost Kickstarter Launch

Steamforged Games Sets May 2nd for Euthia: Cruel Frost Kickstarter Launch

Steamforged Games has announced that on May 2nd, it will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the final chapter of the fantasy RPG board game Euthia, titled Euthia: Cruel Frost. This expansion aims to conclude the trilogy with new challenges, including additional scenarios, characters, and enemies, enhancing the game’s already deep and engaging narrative.

Euthia is designed for 1-4 players and offers a mix of cooperative, competitive, and solo gameplay. It has garnered high praise for its engaging mechanics and immersive world, receiving a rating of 8.6 on BoardGameGeek. The game is often likened to the video game Diablo for its thematic depth and player engagement.

In preparation for the Kickstarter launch, Steamforged Games plans to share more information about Euthia and the Cruel Frost expansion through newsletters and on the Euthia Discord channel. These updates are intended to provide potential backers and interested parties with insights into the expansion’s content and the campaign’s goals.

The collaboration between Steamforged Games and Diea Games, Euthia’s original creator, has previously led to a successful Kickstarter campaign after an initial setback in 2022. The partnership revitalized the game with the support of over 7,500 backers and introduced an expansion that added new layers to the game’s story.

The lore of Euthia is set in a world threatened by dark magic and monstrous creatures. The Cruel Frost expansion introduces the Ice Clans, who bring with them the secrets of ice magic as they seek refuge and allies in Euthia to combat a new adversary, the Spider Queen. Players will face new environmental challenges and employ new resources and strategies to navigate the threats posed by Chill magic and icy conditions.