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Games Workshop Previews Warpmeld Pacts for 40k

Games Workshop Previews Warpmeld Pacts for 40k

Ch,ch,ch, changes! That’s gotta be Tzeentch’s favorite song. And you can use it as a battlecry as you head your Warpmeld Pact forces into battle. In this preview from War Zone Nachmund: Rift War, we look at this army.

From the article:

The next chapter of the Nachmund saga has been revealed! In War Zone Nachmund: Rift War, Haarken Worldclaimer advances to claim the Nachmund Gauntlet for Abaddon. If he succeeds, he’ll cut the Imperium in two, plunging trillions of souls into darkness – and he’s not alone in his terrible quest. An array of factions are duking it out for dominance over Nachmund – Drukhari artists, Space Marine raiders, Chaos and Imperial Knights… and even the mutable sorcerers of the Thousand Sons Legion.

War Zone Nachmund: Rift War details this juicy narrative of desperate defenders and unholy opportunists in full, and it’s also stuffed with new rules for bringing the Rift War to the tabletop – including an Army of Renown that will have the ever-fluctuating followers of Tzeentch cawing in celebration.

Warpmeld Pacts are sorcerous warbands who see realspace as an imperfect reflection of the shapeless warp – and so they’ve come to the Nachmund Gauntlet, the galaxy’s most stable path through the Great Rift. These roving heretics exemplify change, using mutagenic powers and tricksy magics to create monstrous Chaos Spawn and worse.