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Games on Kickstarter Surpass $1 Billion

Games on Kickstarter Surpass $1 Billion

Hey, I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a lot of games and game products that are funded via Kickstarter.

You know, it’s funny, when I first started on TGN over 7 years ago, I remember Ross and I having a conversation that was, “So… these Kickstarter things… what are we supposed to do with them?” It’s funny to think back to us wondering if they were really news or not, and how we would cover them. If we only knew. Just in the past couple days, total funding for game products surpassed $1 Billion on the crowdfunding platform, faster than any other category they have.

From the article:

It’s a great time to love games. We are stoked-and-a-half to report that backers have now pledged more than $1 BILLION to Games projects on Kickstarter. And we’re just getting started!

Since launching in 2009, the Games category has grown steadily, helping titles like The Banner Saga, Exploding Kittens, Darkest Dungeon, Kingdom Death, Shovel Knight, and many more get the funding they needed.

Backers like you have funded nearly 17,000 Games projects, bringing to life the beautiful, bold, and unexpected visions of creators from across the globe. We’ve seen projects that made us laugh, cry, shoot lasers at bad guys, and think about games in totally new ways.

And as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to look for ways to support our creator community and get our backers the latest info. Whether it’s through our weekly emails, Projects We Love, or our creator-focused podcast, we want to give our more than 3.2 million Games backers the latest from the bleeding edge of independent games projects.

With $1 billion in pledges under our belt, we can’t wait to continue to grow Kickstarter Games and bring you more of the irresistible projects you never knew you needed.