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Discover a Whimsical Bestiary of Folkloric Friends and Foes with FOLKLORE – The Wild Hunt on Kickstarter Now!

Discover a Whimsical Bestiary of Folkloric Friends and Foes with FOLKLORE – The Wild Hunt on Kickstarter Now!

FOLKLORE – The Wild Hunt, a whimsical bestiary of folkloric friends and foes for tabletop adventures is now on Kickstarter. With 24 days left to go, the project has raised over £8,000 from a £5,000 goal. The campaign ends on May 19, so there’s still time to get in on the action.

FOLKLORE – The Wild Hunt is a 200-page Dungeons and Dragons 5e compatible supplement that brings a distinctive flavour to any campaign. The book is packed with new monsters, playable races, intriguing characters to interact with, and Quick Tales to get you started with weaving this world into your campaign. The product of a collaboration between illustrator and storyteller Hannah Mosley and experienced DM Tom Kremer, this supplement is sure to delight fans of folklore and tabletop gaming alike.

The book features 110 inspiring illustrations and over 80 creatures, from the fluffy and friendly to the fearsome and fiendish. With more than 90 statblocks ranging from CR 1/4 to CR 15, there’s no shortage of challenges for players to overcome. In addition, there are two playable races, two Quick Tales encounters, and plenty of lore inspired by UK and Celtic tales for players to discover.

FOLKLORE – The Wild Hunt will be printed as a Professional Photo Quality Book, with a hardcover bound and gloss laminated cover. Printed on uncoated 100gsm quality paper on a Heidelberg SM XL106 High-Quality Litho Printing, this book is sure to be a beautiful addition to any tabletop gaming collection.

Backers can choose from several tiers, including a digital-only tier, a hardback copy of the book, a hardback book with postcards, and a hardback book with a fold-out poster of the Wild Hunt illustration. There’s even a retailer pack for stores that want to support the campaign by committing to purchase four copies at a discounted price.

In addition to the book itself, backers can choose from several add-ons, including original illustrations of creatures made for this edition of Folklore and previous publications by The Gate. Backers can even add-on the original edition of Folklore – Tales of These Isles, which is cloth-bound and foil-embossed with either silver or gold accents.