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November Brings a Wave of Exciting New Releases for Infinity Players

November Brings a Wave of Exciting New Releases for Infinity Players

Infinity has announced an array of new releases for November. These additions promise to enhance the gaming experience with new miniatures and scenery, catering to a variety of armies within the Infinity universe.

The Bakunin Expansion Pack Beta marks a significant addition for the Nomads faction. This pack introduces the Moderators, Bakunin’s tactical law enforcement unit, renowned for their MetaChemistry-enhanced combat prowess. Alongside them are the Morlocks, figures of chaos and ultraviolence, adding a new layer of strategy to the Bakunin Observance Army Pack.

Simultaneously, the Steel Phalanx Expansion Pack Alpha brings fresh dynamics to the ALEPH army. The pack highlights two formidable characters: the lethal Tactical Hacker Scylla, usually seen with her DevaBot companion, and the fearsome Nesaie Alkê, leading her unstoppable Thorakitai. These new figures promise to add both narrative depth and tactical advantage to the ALEPH force.

Adding to the diversity, the Reinforcements: Squalos Mk-II, PanOceanian Armored Cavalry release exemplifies PanOceania’s technological superiority. The Squalos units, known for their sophisticated combat skills, symbolize PanOceania’s strength and strategic might, reinforcing the diversity and richness of the game’s universe.

For the Yu Jing faction, the release of the Haetae Unit (HMG) reflects the legendary strength and ferocity of the Korean troops. This unit, inspired by the mythological unicorn lion, is a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of the Korean forces, offering players a unique blend of mythology and futuristic warfare.

The launch also includes the visually stunning Hlökk Station Scenery Pack, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the gaming experience. This pack, with its double-sided printed cardboard scenery, allows players to immerse themselves even deeper into the Infinity universe.

Rounding off the releases is the Infinity Aftermath Characters Pack, inspired by the Infinity Aftermath graphic novel. This pack brings to life characters entangled in an international conspiracy, adding a rich narrative layer to the gameplay. The characters, including Denma Connolly and Uhahu, Hacker for Hire, are set to boost the strategic options available to players.

Furthermore, the release of Scenery Bases, Delta Series demonstrates Infinity’s commitment to enhancing gameplay with practical yet visually appealing components.