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New Additions to House Delaque of Necromunda Coming Soon from Forge World

New Additions to House Delaque of Necromunda Coming Soon from Forge World

Forge World is set to expand th world of Necromunda with new additions to House Delaque, one of the game’s most mysterious Great Houses. Known for their extensive network of informants and their shadowy dealings, House Delaque’s latest releases promise to enhance the strategic depth and visual appeal of Necromunda gangs.

Coming soon to Forge World are two essential figures for House Delaque: the Rogue Doc and the Gang Lookout. The Rogue Doc is a trained medicae crucial for any gang’s survival, offering the ability to perform an additional Medical Escort action at the end of every battle at no extra cost. This character plays a vital role in saving the lives of injured gangers, adding a strategic layer to post-battle recovery.

The Gang Lookout, on the other hand, is designed to give players an edge in determining their roles in scenarios, helping to decide whether they get to be the Attacker or the Defender. This addition will be particularly useful for players looking to control the flow of the game.

Additionally, House Delaque is receiving Ash Wastes Upgrades, which include 10 unique masked-and-goggled head designs perfect for vehicle crews and outdoor gangs. The upgrade kit also comes with two sets of five backpacks and 10 flasks, adding more customization options for players.

Further enhancing the House Delaque experience, a new pack of 18 Delaque Vehicle Tactics Cards will be released, including eight blank vehicle cards. Alongside this, a reprint of the second set of Delaque Gang Tactics Cards will be available. For those interested in constructing their own Delaque vehicles, rules for drivers and unique upgrades are available for free download.

All these new models and accessories will be available in Forge World resin. These additions to House Delaque are not just functional but also add to the rich lore and aesthetic of the Necromunda universe, offering players new ways to engage with the game both strategically and creatively.