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Games Workshop Unveils New Pre-orders: The Seraphon Strike Back

Games Workshop Unveils New Pre-orders: The Seraphon Strike Back

The Seraphon armies are returning to rule the Mortal Realms. Fierce lizard legions led by the Slann Starmasters are set to bring justice and order with fresh unit updates and significant rule changes.

The Seraphon’s scaled warriors are back, taking center stage in the newly updated “Battletome: Seraphon.” This handbook contains all the required rules to assemble Coalesced and Starborne armies, incorporating warscrolls, Pitched Battle profiles, and Path to Glory content, aligning your Sacred Spawnings with the Old Ones’ will.

For those with a penchant for the esoteric, a Limited Edition version of “Battletome: Seraphon” is available. This exclusive edition features a full-art cover embossed with gold foil, gilt page edges, and a red ribbon page marker – the perfect addition to any collector’s shelf.

Among the standouts in the release is the Slann Starmaster. As supreme mystical guides, they lead saurus and skinks into battle from a majestic floating palanquin. These powerful wizards can cast three spells during your hero phase, allowing for a wide variety of customization.

On the battlefield, experienced Saurus Scar-veterans ride atop predatory Aggradons, providing a potent mix of combat experience and deadly assault capabilities. Also in the mix are Skink Starseers, mages that use prophetic powers to manipulate wards, granting protection to their allies and stripping away enemy safeguards.

Furthermore, the Spawn of Chotec, a range and close combat monster, the heavily muscled Kroxigor, the swift Raptadon Hunters, the Aggradon Lancers, and the Saurus Astrolith Bearer, a warrior able to channel cosmic energy, all add to the Seraphon’s formidable might.