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Corvus Belli Announces Big Changes Coming to Infinity with Reinforcements in Latest Studio Update

Corvus Belli Announces Big Changes Coming to Infinity with Reinforcements in Latest Studio Update

In an development for fans of the hit miniature war game, Corvus Belli has announced in their latest Studio Update that something new is coming to Infinity: Reinforcements. This fresh addition will introduce new rules, shift the game’s meta, bring new profiles, and add new products to Infinity, promising an even more immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

The Studio Update, presented by Bostria, provides a sneak peek of the July releases and announces the August pre-order products. Notably, this update also delves into the new Reinforcements feature, which will be shaking up the Infinity universe.

July Releases

Scheduled for release on July 28th, the upcoming batch includes:

  • Yara Haddad (AP Marksman Rifle): An effective agent of the Muhafiz, Yara’s skill set was enhanced after undergoing Hassassin training. She is an essential tactical operations agent for Haqqislam, Ramah Taskforce, and Hassassin armies.
  • Phoenix (Heavy Rocket Launcher): A veteran of every campaign undertaken by the Steel Phalanx, Phoenix embodies the bloody and glorious history of ALEPH’s Myrmidons and will be a potent addition to ALEPH and Steel Phalanx armies.
  • Armbots: These attack Remotes, designed by the PanOceanian Military Complex to carry support weaponry, offer a potent, affordable, and quick alternative to Heavy Infantry. They can be added to multiple armies including PanOceania, Acontecimento, Military Orders, Neoterra, Varuna, Winter Force, Druze Bayram Security, and White Company.
  • Military Orders Expansion Pack Alpha: This pack boosts the combat capabilities of the PanOceania and Military Orders armies, with assault tactics that evoke memories of earlier, bloodier times.
  • Shaolin Warrior Monks: These Zen Buddhism practitioners bring outstanding martial artistry to the Yu Jing and White Banner armies. Their rigorous temple training makes them instinctive fighters, quick, and deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Bakunin Expansion Pack Alpha: This pack offers the means for anti-establishment and Counter-culture groups to build their new societies in Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin.
  • Morat Expansion Pack Beta: The Morat are tenacious fighters, skilled in urban and jungle combat. This pack will enhance the Combined Army and Morat Aggression Forces’ capabilities with brutal and violence-craving assault troops.

Infinity enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating these new additions, as well as the advent of the game-changing Reinforcements feature. Stay tuned for more updates from Corvus Belli as we approach the July release date.