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Stroganov: Turukhan Expansion Brings New Adventures to the Siberian Wilderness

Stroganov: Turukhan Expansion Brings New Adventures to the Siberian Wilderness

Game Brewer’s highly anticipated expansion, Stroganov: Turukhan, for the critically acclaimed strategy board game Stroganov by Andreas Steding, is now on Kickstarter. With $54,176 pledged, the campaign has already surpassed its goal of $32,334 with 19 days still to go.

Stroganov: Turukhan takes players back to the vast Siberian wilderness to cross the Turukhan River and build relationships with the local population. The expansion brings new adventures that enhance the original game’s experience.

The expansion consists of four distinct modules, each introducing new dynamics to the game. Players can mix and match these modules, offering a fresh gaming experience with each playthrough.

Module 1: The Siberian Chipmunk adds a new fur tile to collect. Though it may seem valueless initially, a wandering merchant-collector on the map enables players to trade these exotic furs for crucial advantages.

Module 2: The Hunting Plans presents a novel method of fulfilling the Tzar’s wishes. Players can now use hunting marker steps to decrease the amount of fur tiles requested in any Tzar’s Wish, providing a new strategic dimension to the hunt.

Module 3: New Landscapes introduces two fresh types of landscape tiles into the mix. Characters serve as a wildcard landscape tile, endowing players with permanent abilities for the game once acquired. Sacred places constitute the fifth landscape type, rewarding players with victory points at the game’s end given certain conditions are met.

Module 4: The Diplomacy track facilitates trading with the locals. The more benevolent players are, the more significant advantage they can gain over their rivals. Timing actions effectively can lead to considerable riches and fame.

Game Brewer has created a captivating expansion in Stroganov: Turukhan, further enriching the immersive gameplay of the original Stroganov. With several days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, board game enthusiasts still have time to contribute and secure their copy of this exciting expansion.