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AV Studio Games Launches Nano9Games Wave 2 on Kickstarter

AV Studio Games Launches Nano9Games Wave 2 on Kickstarter

AV Studio Games has launched the second wave of its innovative Nano9Games series on Kickstarter, and it has already exceeded its goal, reaching $23,190 with the support of 362 backers with 21 days remaining. This ambitious new series introduces three new games, with each game incorporating just 9 cards, 9 dice, and 9 cubes.

The Nano9Games series debuted in 2021 with its clever concept and minimalistic components, winning over backers and proving that big fun can come in small packages. This series draws its inspiration from the nano world, with the number ‘9’ serving as its guiding design principle.

The games’ setup is quick, fitting perfectly for those looking for a quick and engaging game during lunch or a brief break. Despite their simple and minimalistic setup, the games promise an intense and complex gaming experience that can be tough to master.

This second wave includes three new games, each bringing a distinct playstyle and theme:

  1. 12 Patrols – This solo puzzle game challenges players to protect nine regions using a patrol of dice and cubes. The game started as an entry in BoardGameGeek’s 9 card design contest, where it finished in 2nd place overall.
  2. Clin9ic – This nano version of Clinic Deluxe Edition has been designed with attention to detail and clever utilization of the game’s minimal components, offering a challenging and engaging experience that stays true to its big-box inspiration. The result of 18 months of hard work, this game embodies the spirit of the Nano9Games series.
  3. Asteroid Miners – A 2-player dice-rolling game that has players excavating precious minerals in space. With a fluctuating Metal Market, players aim to make the most profit to win the game.

In addition to the base games, AV Studio Games offers a pack of 9 giant cards as an add-on during the pledge process, costing just $9. These cards expand each of the three new games, offering additional kingdoms for 12 Patrols, new action and floor cards for Clin9ic, and a Space Station Expansion for Asteroid Miners.

These three new games follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, highlighting the creativity and versatility of AV Studio Games and their commitment to delivering innovative gaming experiences. With more than 21 days remaining, fans still have a chance to support the Kickstarter and secure their own set of these unique, compact games.