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Privateer Press Previews Man-O-War Suppressors for Warmachine

Privateer Press Previews Man-O-War Suppressors for Warmachine

The Winter Guard aren’t the only part of the Khador army getting new miniatures with Warmachine MkIV. The Man-O-War corps are getting some new figures as well, including these new Suppressors.

From the preview:

The skilled engineers of the Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly have tirelessly sought for generations to continuously refine the Man-O-War armor that is undoubtedly one of their finest accomplishments. Over time, the great suits of steam-powered armor that grant a lone operator the strength and resilience of a dozen soldiers have become safer, simpler, and more efficient. The newest generation of this technology exemplifies the citizen-hero philosophy of the Winter Korps, providing a weapon platform simple enough for any soldier to operate and yet amongst the most powerful yet devised. The Man-O-War Suppressor armor features a pair of rapid fire Hailstorm Cannons capable of unleashing withering fire on any enemy while providing unrivaled protection to its operator.