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Games Workshop Previews Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide

Games Workshop Previews Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide

You’re gonna have tournaments for pretty much any game. But when it comes to fantasy sports games, that just feels… more appropriate somehow. Well, Games Workshop is making Blood Bowl events even better with their Matched Play Guide. You can get a look inside of it in this preview.

From the article:

The Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide is the ideal companion for anyone who attends Blood Bowl tournaments and gaming weekends. It outlines everything you need to know to run an event yourself, complete with guidance on how to organise your rules pack, how to work out scoring, what tiebreakers you can use, how pairings should work for an event, and more. This is ideal for budding Tournament Organisers (TOs) who are looking to run their first events, but also for veterans who can use this as a standardised formula for their events.

By putting all of this within the Matched Play Guide, coaches that attend an event using it will know exactly what to expect, and the TO’s job will be far easier. Ultimately, it allows all attendees to follow the structure of the event with ease.