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Games Workshop Webshop Reopens For Remaining Countries

Games Workshop Webshop Reopens For Remaining Countries

Back when Games Workshop was opening up their webshop again, Canada, The US, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy were left out. Well, the exclusion time is over. Games Workshop is opening up those countries for ordering today. If you’ve been waiting, that wait is over. You can go buy your figures today.

From the announcement:

Hey folks,

Good news just in: as of tomorrow (May 7th), the webstore will start taking orders from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Please keep in mind that things won’t quite be working as they normally do:

1. There May Be A Queue

We’re expecting fairly high demand tomorrow, so we’ve put in place a queue system to limit the number of folks that can browse the website at a given time. You might have seen similar things put in place for other online shops over the past few weeks. Don’t worry about getting bored during the wait, though. James Workshop will once again be on hand to talk you through it all.