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Mantic Previews New Kings of War: Ambush Starters

Mantic Previews New Kings of War: Ambush Starters

Ambush is a new version of Kings of War that’s focused more on smaller forces instead of the mass combat. There’s 6 new starters coming that will get you right into a different faction in this new version of the game.

From the website:

We hope that Ambush will serve as a fantastic recruitment tool and get more and more people playing the best rank and flank game on the market! As hobbyists we all want to see the games we love grow and introduce new people into our community. So tell your friends, colleagues, pets and even random strangers about Ambush and how easy it is to start Kings of War.

We have created these super handy Starter Sets which are perfect for those that are just starting out. They have everything you need to get started playing Ambush, containing an Ambush army, Quick-Start rules and an instruction guide to help those new to the hobby build their first of hopefully many incredible Mantic miniatures.

Shipping Mid January, the first wave contains SIX Starter sets:

  • Goblins
  • Empire Of Dust
  • Ratkin
  • Ogres
  • Halflings
  • Forces Of The Abyss