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Catalyst Game Labs Posts Hammerhead Production Issue Resolution Plan

Catalyst Game Labs Posts Hammerhead Production Issue Resolution Plan

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert! We have Giant Robot Alert! And this time, it’s to repair busted mechs. Catalyst Game Labs recently found that there was an issue with some of the Hammerhead minis they’d sold. Well, they’re looking to rectify the situation and there’s multiple ways to get your updated replacement parts.

From the article:

Recently, production quality issues accidentally slipped into the release of the Hammerhead. As a result, approximately one-quarter of the initial run of the miniature have too-thick layer lines from a draft 3D printed top of the torso.

After Catalyst acquired enough data to verify there were significant issues, the miniature’s producer, Monster Fight Club, responded to us less than twenty-four hours after being notified of the problems. Our partners walked us through exactly how the error occurred, how they’ll ensure it doesn’t occur again (going so far as to destroy the molds associated with the issue!), and then presenting the following plan to absolutely make this right. It is important both to Catalyst and to MFC that BattleTech customers can trust in the continued quality of the Premium Miniatures line.