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Plaid Hat Games Announces Hickory Dickory Board Game

Plaid Hat Games Announces Hickory Dickory Board Game

Hickory Dickory Doc. The mouse ran up the clock. And then it went around the clock, looking for items during the great scavenger hunt! What? Don’t remember that part of the nursery rhyme? Well, Plaid Hat Games can help with Hickory Dickory, a new board game that’s coming from them later this year.

From the announcement:

Plaid Hat Games announced our new worker rotation game Hickory Dickory on the Dice Tower’s Summer Spectacular Mega Announcement video yesterday!

In Hickory Dickory players control a team of mice competing in a royal scavenger hunt! The mice will ride around a cuckoo clock’s minute hand as they search for items that match their hunt card. The adorable mice will jump off the hand to collect item tiles and perform various actions that will help them gain victory points. Once the clock strikes midnight the hunt is over and the mice will show off their scavenger hunt cards to Lord Cuckoo. Victory points will be rewarded for rows and columns completed on their hunt card, and the mice team with the most victory points will win the game! 

Hickory Dickory will be available later this year!