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The Army Painter Unveils Upcoming Warpaints Fanatic Paint Range

The Army Painter Unveils Upcoming Warpaints Fanatic Paint Range

The Army Painter has revealed the upcoming release of Warpaints Fanatic – a new paint range aiming to set new standards in quality, performance, and versatility in miniature painting.

Warpaints Fanatic Mega Set and Complete Set Now Available for Pre-Order

Enthusiasts and hobbyists can now pre-order the Warpaints Fanatic Mega Set and Warpaints Fanatic Complete Set. The Warpaints Fanatic Complete Paint Set includes an extensive collection of 216 paints from the Fanatic range, making it a comprehensive option for hobbyists. Alongside the broad color palette, buyers will receive a Painting Guide and four free brushes. However, with a limited number of Complete Sets available, interested individuals are encouraged to secure their orders promptly.

A New Standard in Miniature Paints

Warpaints Fanatic is positioned as a new standard in miniature paints, offering a blend of accessibility, speed, and capability. Designed for users ranging from beginners to experienced painters, this high-quality acrylic paint aims to make an impact in the miniature painting community.

The paints feature a highly pigment-dense formulation set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers, ensuring a smooth and easy application. With over 200 colors organized into Flexible Colour Triad families, Warpaints Fanatic simplifies color selection while providing a comprehensive range.

Distinct Features of Warpaints Fanatic

What distinguishes Warpaints Fanatic is its formulation with 300-700% more pigment than other brands. This unique feature allows for extreme thinning for advanced techniques or direct application for effortless coverage while retaining pigment dispersion, catering to various techniques and skill levels.

The new transparent bottle design enhances the color selection experience, and each bottle comes with high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls for blended paint. The secondary Practical Naming Convention, based on the ISCC–NBS System of Colour Designation, aims to simplify the paint selection process.

The Future: Phasing Out the Original Warpaints Range

With advancements in materials and technology, The Army Painter has decided to phase out the original Warpaints range. Warpaints Fanatic is poised to become the new standard for quality, performance, value, and availability. While staple colors like Daemonic Yellow and Greenskin will still be part of the Colour Match System, the majority of the original range will be replaced by the Fanatic paints.

Release Date and Affordability

The first Warpaints Fanatic box sets are expected to be available for pre-order in early 2024. Specific release dates for individual paints and sets will be disclosed soon. The Army Painter assures the community that Warpaints Fanatic will be priced affordably, maintaining accessibility for all miniature enthusiasts. As always, the Warpaints Fanatic box sets will offer savings, reinforcing The Army Painter’s commitment to delivering value to their customer base.