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Blood Bowl Fans Rejoice as Refs and Cheerleaders Make a Triumphant Return

Blood Bowl Fans Rejoice as Refs and Cheerleaders Make a Triumphant Return

Games Workshop has announced the return of the much-loved referees and cheerleaders to the Blood Bowl universe. Starting next month, these iconic figures will be available for purchase on a Made to Order basis for a limited time, offering fans a chance to add these unique characters to their collections.

The lineup for this special release includes several cheerleading squads, each bringing their own distinct flair to the Blood Bowl scene. The Human Cheerleaders, known as The Reaverettes, are famous for their energetic rallies and classic cheer routines. Fans of the Orc teams will be delighted with The Waaaghs! cheerleaders, notorious for their loud cheers that often disrupt the game. The Chaos Cheerleaders, or The Damned Damsels, offer a mix of acrobatic performances and frightening aggression, reflecting the chaos teams they support. The Dark Elf Cheerleaders, The Night Terrors, are equally renowned for their ritualistic sacrifices and impressive pom-pom skills.

In addition to these squads, Halfling and Goblin referees are making a comeback. Their short stature, previously exclusive to Warhammer World and events, provides them with unique advantages on the field. Also rejoining the lineup is the Mutated Minotaur, a formidable creature known for its monstrous crushing claws and ability to break through the toughest armors.

This special release isn’t just about the cheerleaders and refs. Blood Bowl is also updating its community with a new FAQ, Errata, and Designers’ Commentary. This essential document will answer many questions and provide insights into the game, making it a must-read for all players.

The Made to Order window for these miniatures opens at 10 am GMT on Saturday, December 23rd, and closes at 8 am GMT on Tuesday, January 2nd. It’s important to note that the Elven cheerleaders, known as the Eaglettes, won’t be part of this release period. However, they might make a return in the future, so fans should keep an eye out for further announcements.