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Games Workshop Previews World Eaters Special Rules for 40k

Games Workshop Previews World Eaters Special Rules for 40k

The World Eaters are hungry and they’ve got your world on the menu. Get a look at some of the new special rules and upgrades that they can get as they feast. They’ve got their new codex coming to pre-order this weekend.

From the article:

When Angron calls, all the World Eaters answer – though only the sturdiest souls can actually fight beside their gene-father without fear of his rage, or survive the apocalyptic battles he prefers. These fanatical fiends are dubbed the Disciples of the Red Angel, and you can take a full army of them when Codex: World Eaters arrives for pre-order this Saturday.

The Disciples of the Red Angel are an alternative way to muster your World Eaters army, granting you awesome boons in return for excising mortals like Berzerkers and Jakhals from the ranks. If it doesn’t contain a fragment of Khorne’s empyreal power, it doesn’t deserve to fight beside the Daemon Primarch.*

Not only do your Eightbound and Exalted Eightbound gain Objective Secured, the new Arks of Omen Detachment means you don’t need Troops – so you can fill your army up with daemonic foot soldiers. One unit of possessed World Eaters from your army also gets to pick a special Daemonic Infusion. These offer a variety of extra boosts, such as helping to secure objectives or shrug off sorcerous harm.