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Fight for Ragnarok: A New Asymmetric Worker Placement Game Now Live on Kickstarter

Fight for Ragnarok: A New Asymmetric Worker Placement Game Now Live on Kickstarter

In a unique twist on Norse mythology, the new board game “Fight for Ragnarok” offers players the chance to become the last god standing at the end of the world. The game is currently live on Kickstarter, where it has already begun to gather backing.

The game is set at the end of the world, where players choose a side and strategize to emerge as the victor of the final war. Despite the differing strategies of each faction, the ultimate goal remains the same: survive and win. To do this, players traverse through the nine realms to gather resources, complete quests, and battle gods. Winning requires either being the first faction to complete their goals or the last one standing.

The “Fight for Ragnarok” Kickstarter campaign offers three different game editions: the Core Box, the Deluxe Edition, and the Godly Edition.

The Core Box forms the base game and is included in all tiers except for the “Ally of The Gods” tier. The Core Box comes with any unlocked stretch goals that do not have an icon.

To thank early supporters, the Kickstarter campaign includes exclusive items for specific reward tiers. Any items or stretch goals with the Kickstarter Exclusive (KSE) icon are only available for the Einherjar, Valkyrie, and Aesir God tiers. These exclusives won’t be available for purchase after the campaign and won’t be included in any retail editions.

The Deluxe Edition caters to enthusiasts who want to upgrade their gaming experience. It includes upgraded player mats for all factions and a mini figure for each god, replacing the provided acrylic standees. The Deluxe Edition also comes with any reached stretch goals marked with a DE icon. All Deluxe Edition items are included in the Valkyrie and Aesir God tiers.

Finally, the Godly Edition is designed for those seeking the ultimate upgrade. It includes all previous tier upgrades plus forged metal dice that are color-coded for each faction. It also features forged metal components and victory point trackers. Backers at this level will also receive the creator’s heartfelt thanks for their significant support of the project and future ventures.