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Demiplane’s Pathfinder NEXUS Unveils Innovative Character Tools in Open Beta

Demiplane’s Pathfinder NEXUS Unveils Innovative Character Tools in Open Beta

Demiplane has officially launched the open beta of their revolutionary Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools for Pathfinder NEXUS. This cutting-edge software offers Pathfinder Second Edition players an immersive, user-friendly approach to character creation and management.

The Future of Pathfinder Gameplay

The Character Builder allows players to fully customize their heroes with an extensive selection of ancestries, backgrounds, classes, equipment, and spells. This intuitive system guides players through each step of character creation, making the process as simple as diving into an epic adventure.

“The characters we create, play, and think about between sessions are the most crucial elements of any tabletop roleplaying game. We connect with them more than we realize,” Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane, said. “With the Pathfinder NEXUS character builder and digital character sheet, fans can navigate the treasure trove of options in the game and bring their next favorite character to life easier than ever.”

Digital Expertise Meets Tabletop Adventure

Demiplane’s expertise in digital solutions combined with Paizo’s creative prowess promises to take Pathfinder gameplay to new heights. “With Pathfinder NEXUS, we’re not only able to enhance Pathfinder gameplay, but this new toolset also ensures that more people can experience the game than ever before. Working with Demiplane on this project has been an absolute dream come true,” Erik Mona, Paizo’s Chief Creative Officer, commented.

Pathfinder NEXUS: A New Standard in Convenience

The Character Sheet Tools elevate convenience and organization, enabling players to manage their characters in real-time. Available on any device with an internet connection, these tools allow players to update their character’s statistics, equipment, spells, and feats. With rules, explanations, and resources available at the click of a button, this system also serves as an excellent assistant for newcomers.

Key features of the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools include:

  • Streamlined Character Creation: Offers step-by-step guidance and a comprehensive selection of character options.
  • Character Sheets Built for Speed: Demiplane’s Click-To-Know system provides instant rules explanations and related information for all elements on the character sheet.
  • Powerful Platform Features: Seamlessly integrates with Pathfinder NEXUS digital books, game rules compendium, matchmaking, group management, and communication capabilities.
  • Collaborative Gameplay: Facilitates character sheet sharing between players or the Game Master.
  • Accessibility and Cross-Device Compatibility: Accessible from any device with an internet connection.

These new tools are available to all Pathfinder NEXUS users. Free account holders can create up to seven characters, while unlimited characters are available for paid Membership holders. To begin creating your next legendary hero, visit