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Paizo Unveils “War of Immortals” Playtest Featuring Two New Divine Classes

Paizo Unveils “War of Immortals” Playtest Featuring Two New Divine Classes

As Golarion, the setting of Pathfinder, stands on the precipice of monumental upheaval with gods falling and new immortals rising, Paizo has announced a fresh playtest to dive into this celestial chaos. Officially named the “War of Immortals Playtest,” the game publisher has introduced two novel classes aimed at enhancing the grandiosity of these looming divine conflicts.

Meet the Animist: The Wisdom-Based Spellcaster

The animist is the first of these new classes, focusing on divine spellcasting powered by Wisdom. The class allows for a unique bond between the player and “apparitions,” ethereal spirits that grant their power and wisdom to the animist. This bond is not unilateral; in exchange, the animist serves as the apparitions’ agent in the corporeal realm.

Players can choose from a range of apparitions to bond with, like the Steward of Stone and Fire for more primal spellcasting abilities, or the Impostor in Hidden Places for more deceitful magic. Alternatively, bonding with a Witness to Ancient Battles will add martial abilities to your spellcasting arsenal. The animist is designed for players looking for a versatile spellcaster who can change their abilities moment to moment based on their spiritual alignment.

Introducing the Exemplar: The Demigod Warrior

The second new class, the exemplar, brings its own flavor of divine influence into the mix. It’s Pathfinder’s first-ever “rare class,” and operates on a Charisma-based divine warrior framework. Unlike other divine classes, the exemplar possesses their own “divine spark,” which they can move between objects called “ikons” to unlock a wide range of powerful effects and abilities.

As exemplars grow in power, they can define their own epithets and destinies, reminiscent of mythical figures such as Maui, Cú Chulainn, and Hercules. Whether you choose to become a Cunning or Brave exemplar, the future is yours to shape.

The Playtest Details

Beginning September 1 and running until October 2, 2023, the playtest invites players to integrate these new classes into their home games and Pathfinder Society characters. Paizo has also partnered with Demiplane to offer a free character builder specific to the animist and exemplar classes. The character builder will be available at