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HitPoint Press Unveils Q3 Recipients of the Luminary Grant: Supporting the Future of Tabletop Gaming

HitPoint Press Unveils Q3 Recipients of the Luminary Grant: Supporting the Future of Tabletop Gaming

Hit Point Press has announced the latest recipients of its prestigious Luminary Grant for the third quarter. Established to support emerging independent tabletop game creators, the Luminary Grant has once again highlighted some of the most exciting and innovative projects in the realm of tabletop gaming.

Basil Wright, Pelogos

Pelogos is a multiplayer d6 game designed for two or more players, including the Navigator, who serves as the Game Master. The game thrusts players into the roles of paranormal investigators known as Lantern Keepers or as sea ghosts known as Echoes. This unique setting allows players to help the living come to terms with the loss of loved ones, be it through delivering messages or unraveling the mysteries of their own past.

Chelsea L. Shepard, Sellsword

Sellsword is an Old-School Renaissance-style game that drops players into the boots of working-class individuals trying to navigate the hazardous landscape of adventuring. Survival is not guaranteed, as the grind takes both a mental and physical toll on the characters.

Jordan Blackman (Hypnos), A Fragment of Memory

Jordan Blackman presents an emotional solo game called A Fragment of Memory. In this game, players use a tarot deck and a cribbage board to journey through their character’s dreams, confronting memories and past traumas along the way.

Thomas M, This Ship Is No Mother

Thomas M introduces a card-based sci-fi horror game that utilizes a custom version of the Forged in the Dark system. Named This Ship Is No Mother, players take roles as corporate workers fighting for survival in hostile, alien environments. The tension intensifies as the card deck dwindles, putting the entire crew at risk.

How to Apply for the Luminary Grant

Those inspired by these groundbreaking projects can apply for the Luminary Grant here. HitPoint Press continues to accept applications, always eager to spotlight the next wave of talented game designers.

For more information on the Luminary Grant and the innovative projects it supports, visit the official HitPoint Press website.