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Sidereal Venture’s “The Creator’s Compendium” Surpasses Funding Goal

Sidereal Venture’s “The Creator’s Compendium” Surpasses Funding Goal

“The Creator’s Compendium,” a Kickstarter project by Sidereal Venture, has significantly exceeded its funding goal, amassing over $17,000 from a $2,500 target, with 27 days remaining until its completion on March 29. The project, which has attracted 250 backers so far, is a comprehensive guide aimed at storytellers, game masters, fiction writers, and those with an interest in astronomy.

Authored by an astrophysicist and adorned with engaging illustrations and a touch of humor, the guide serves as a scientifically accurate, system-agnostic resource for crafting authentic narratives and worlds. Covering a range of cosmic phenomena from cryovolcanoes to wormholes, the compendium seeks to ignite the imagination with thought-provoking questions about the universe.

Among the incentives for early backers are exclusive perks such as two free bookmarks and, for those selecting the Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities hardcover option, a complimentary 5E treasure booster.

“Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities,” a 5E supplement co-authored with Eventyr Games, complements the main compendium by translating cosmic concepts into elements for the Dungeons & Dragons game, including monsters, magic items, and player options.

“The Creator’s Compendium” emphasizes accessibility, avoiding complex mathematics and jargon to ensure it is approachable for a broad audience. It is organized into four sections, guiding readers through an exploration of the universe, from basic astronomy to advanced world-building tools.

As the Kickstarter campaign progresses, “The Creator’s Compendium” is on track to become a valuable resource for those looking to enrich their storytelling or game mastering with accurate and imaginative cosmic details.