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Knight Models Introduces New Miniatures for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models Introduces New Miniatures for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has announced the introduction of several new miniatures for their popular Batman Miniature Game. The new roster of characters promises to bring fresh dynamism and interesting tactics to the game.

One of the most intriguing miniatures introduced is Red Hood, the outlaw. This character holds a unique position in the DC Universe, navigating the gray area between heroism and villainy. With his unconventional crime-fighting methods and his willingness to break the rules, Red Hood adds an interesting element to the gaming mix.

The notorious ‘daughter’ of the supervillain who broke Batman, Vengeance, also makes her entry into the game. Full of muscular might and a burning desire for revenge, Vengeance promises to add a new level of intensity to the battlefield.

Adding to the league of Bane’s followers is Bird, Bane’s right-hand man known for his unique affinity with birds. Bird’s loyalty to Bane and his fellow wrestlers make him an exciting addition to the game.

Another intriguing character is the Ten-Eyed Man, or Phillip Reardon, a war veteran with a turbulent past. After being discharged from the military due to an unfortunate accident, Reardon found himself as a security guard, only to be struck by another incident.

Knight Models has also introduced Soldier of Fortune markers and Cult markers. Bane and his mercenaries can use these themed markers to gain control over Gotham City, leading you to victory. Likewise, with the Cult markers, you can spread the word of your cult leader around Gotham City, gaining more followers to conquer the city.