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Firefight: Command Protocols Pre-Orders Now Available with Double Reward Points

Firefight: Command Protocols Pre-Orders Now Available with Double Reward Points

Mantic Games has announced a update to its popular sci-fi wargaming experience with Firefight: Command Protocols. This new release will offer a comprehensive set of rebalanced force lists for every faction, updated rules, and an array of tokens required to play the game. This is a prime opportunity for both new and returning players to take the next step in their sci-fi wargaming journey.

To ensure fairness to recent customers, Mantic has stated that players who purchased the previous Firefight Rulebook from their Webstore in June or July 2023 can expect to receive a complimentary copy of the updated book.

Mantic Games also unveiled two new starter sets: Assault on Exham and Battle of Cabot III. In Assault on Exham, the stoic, heavily-armed Forge Fathers clash with the resourceful and insidious Veer-Myn in the Exham System. Battle of Cabot III sees the return of the original Firefight starter box, this time with the Marauders taking on the Council of Seven’s Enforcers. Both sets come with two armies and a copy of the new Firefight: Command Protocols book, offering a great starting point for players.

The new offerings also include an Enforcer Pathfinder Recon Force set, which will introduce stealthy and deadly tactics to your Firefight gaming. Industry legend John Stallard of Warlord Games, Mantic’s partners for the Armada ruleset, expressed excitement about the new set featuring the C3M4 Combat Drone.

Further expanding their Enforcer line, Mantic also unveiled the Enforcer Interceptor with Sensor Array, offering a blend of air superiority and critical battlefield information to aid in tactical decision-making.

In the realm of vehicles, the GCPS/Marauders/Mazon Labs/Plague Battlegroups offer a variety of workhorse military vehicles for players to add to their armies. The Plague Mortar Mule and the GCPS/Marauder/Plague Wolverine Battlegroup offer hard-hitting firepower, with the Wolverine being a throwback design that has stood the test of time.

Notably, the Wolverine marks a brand collaboration with Archon Studio, known for turning Mantic’s Kings of War sculpts into beautiful hard plastic frames. The GCPS/Mazon Labs/Plague Hornet Gunship brings airborne devastation to the game, raining high-caliber gunfire onto the battlefield.

In addition to these, Mantic also announced the D8 Dice Set, consisting of three colors (white, black, and red) to help players keep track of their special weapons in their rolls.

Finally, in an exciting announcement for customers, Mantic is offering double reward points for Firefight purchases. This move is sure to spur avid gamers to load their carts with these fantastic new releases and begin their next wargaming journey.