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Modiphius Entertainment Announces Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game in Star Trek Universe

Modiphius Entertainment Announces Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game in Star Trek Universe

Renowned gaming company Modiphius Entertainment has unveiled a unique Star Trek™ roleplaying game that enables players to write their own Captain’s Log as they explore the cosmos. Aptly named the Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game, this new addition propels the beloved brand into the world of solo roleplaying.

This immersive, 326-page full-color standalone digest-sized rulebook employs the award-winning 2d20 System®, used in the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, to create a streamlined gaming experience. This new game allows players to build their own Star Trek™ adventures around dynamic captain characters they design themselves.

Pre-orders for the new Star Trek™ game are currently available on and Those who pre-order will receive a digital PDF copy instantly, with print editions set to ship to stores by August 2023.

In the Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game, players are in the driver’s seat, controlling their ship and crew as they take on galaxy-spanning missions. For the first time in the Star Trek™ roleplaying universe, fans can write and record their own captain’s logs, bringing their adventures to life in a new and exciting way.

The game offers players a unique opportunity to create or randomly generate missions without the need for a gamemaster. It provides a platform to plan their crew’s actions, and watch as success or failure shapes the storyline, leading to unexpected twists and turns. In this journey of exploration, players will visit strange new worlds and discover new life and civilizations.

In addition to solo play, the game also accommodates cooperative play. Friends can participate as senior staff members, or a gamemaster can facilitate their adventures into the final frontier. For existing Star Trek Adventures gamemasters, the random story tables within Captain’s Log provide an inexhaustible source of material to generate countless hours of memorable adventures.

Players are free to venture through any era of the Star Trek™ universe, from the 21st to the 32nd century. To further enhance the immersion, the game offers a selection of unique cover designs showcasing the combadges from each series — Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Discovery.