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Vynestra: The Kickstarter Campaign Reimagining 5th Edition Through Ancient Rome

Vynestra: The Kickstarter Campaign Reimagining 5th Edition Through Ancient Rome

A high fantasy setting with deep roots in ancient Rome and classical cultures, “Vynestra: A Rome-Themed 5th Edition World & City Setting” is a Kickstarter campaign that has not only met its initial goal but has doubled it and then some, all thanks to its 184 backers. And with 22 days left in the campaign, this fantastical world shows no signs of stopping its expansion.

An Epic Collection for Epic Adventures

Vynestra boasts a staggering 1,000 pages of original content spread over five beautifully designed books. The collection dives deep into new lore, spells, magical items, kinships, backgrounds, feats, adventures, and encounters. And let’s not forget its sprawling city setting featuring over 600 locations.

The campaign introduces an entirely new ability system, powered by “embers”—magical tattoos gifted by the gods. This innovative mechanic allows player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs) alike to ascend to the status of demigods, adding an epic layer to your role-playing experience.

Adding to the richness of the world are a diverse cast of characters and creatures that inhabit various settings in Vynestra. From Deveros, the Amethyst Crown, to the far reaches of the Aldarin Empire, you’ll never lack for interesting personalities and challenging foes.

With 99% of the content already complete, backers can expect to receive PDFs roughly one to two months after the campaign ends, pending a review period. That means you could be adventuring through this vast and layered world by the end of the year.

Exclusive Preview and More

Curious adventurers can download a free preview PDF and maps to explore Deveros, Vynestra’s Rome and Venice-inspired city. The preview also offers a sneak peek into the Ember system and an overview of the five books that comprise the Vynestra Collection:

  1. World of Vynestra: Introduces the universe of Vynestra, known as “The Compass,” along with the unique Ember demigod system.
  2. The Aldarin Empire: Delves into the Romanesque culture of the Aldarins and introduces new sub-classes and backgrounds.
  3. Deveros, The Amethyst Crown: Provides a detailed look into the capital city of the Aldarin Empire, featuring over 600 locations.
  4. Sif’s Guide to the Creatures of Deveros: A comprehensive manual of monsters, demigods, and other threats, written by Sif Selaine, the Demigod of Adventure.
  5. Blood Tithes, Chapter 1: A level 1 to 5 adventure that pits players against a nefarious blood-smuggling ring.

“Vynestra: A Rome-Themed 5th Edition World & City Setting” promises to deliver a memorable and rich experience for players and Dungeon Masters alike. With 22 days still to go, it’s not too late to become a backer and immerse yourself in this captivating world.