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Games Workshop Previews Khal for Leagues of Votann in 40k

Games Workshop Previews Khal for Leagues of Votann in 40k

We’re slowly getting more and more info about the Leagues of Votann (formerly the Squats) as their re-introduction to 40k gets closer. This time around, we are introduced to the Khal, the leader of the Leagues’ forces.

From the article:

Even the most level-headed Hearthkyn Warriors and battle-ready Cthonian Beserks need a stern voice at their backs from time to time, so when an Oathband marches to war it’s the job of the Kâhl to lead them to victory.

Appointed from among the Leagues’ most skilled and dependable warriors, these generals are the final authority over an individual Oathband. Subordinate only to their Kindred’s ruling Votannic Council, the Kâhls back up decades of hard-won experience with rigorously drilled combat skills, and the Leagues’ signature advanced weaponry.

This is the first time we’ve seen a Kin in red armour. He’s from the Ymyr Conglomerate, while that classic teal colour we’ve seen so far are from the Greater Thurian League. We’ll have more on these and the other sub-factions of the Leagues of Votann soon…