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Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix by WizKids Releases on July 19, 2023

Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix by WizKids Releases on July 19, 2023

January saw the official release of Paizo’s thrilling Pathfinder Adventure Path: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix. An international gathering of the most talented martial artists, mages, and other accomplished contenders, the Ruby Phoenix Tournament offers the grand prize of a priceless treasure from the vault of Hao Jin, the Ruby Phoenix herself.

To complement this popular adventure, WizKids is eager to announce the release of the Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Box Sets on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. This highly-anticipated series includes five pre-painted miniature sets, each showcasing a variety of characters and creatures from the adventurous setting.

Among the first two sets are the inhabitants of Danger Island and contestants of the Tournament of Trials, both crucial stages in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.

Danger Island Set:

The first location in the adventure path, Danger Island, poses as the qualifying stage for contenders. It teems with unique inhabitants:

  1. Ran-to, a small but skilled Frost Goblin Wrestler.
  2. Manananggal, wicked nocturnal creatures that feed on humanoids.
  3. Brartork (Golarion’s Finest), a formidable Iobarian bodybuilder.
  4. Enforcer Warrior, agents employed by the emissary to maintain order.
  5. Blue Viper (Lighthouse Form), a ratfolk adept at poisoning his enemies.
  6. Mudwretch, creatures that are especially dangerous when dried out.

These figures pose a variety of challenges, testing both the brawn and brains of adventurers seeking to qualify for the tournament.

Tournament of Trials Set:

This set offers another layer of competition, featuring monstrous villains or competitive rivals:

  1. Golden League Xun, deceitful warriors serving a crime syndicate.
  2. Provincial Jiang-Shi Vampire, a vampire variant that drains the breath of the living.
  3. Razu (tengu master bard), a performer bent on vengeance.
  4. Rivka, parasitic monsters that boost their power by clinging to kaiju.
  5. Yabin the Just, a conversationalist and formidable nagaji dragon sorcerer.
  6. Taiga Yai, taiga giant look-alikes that detest established civilizations.
  7. Shadow Yai, music-loving beings that punish those who don’t submit to them.

These figures, while not as advanced as later obstacles, provide essential training for contenders preparing for the demanding rounds of the tournament.

Prepare your 11th-level characters for these harrowing tests of might, cunning, and wit!