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Heroes of Cerulea RPG Up On Kickstarter

Heroes of Cerulea RPG Up On Kickstarter

Back when I first got into videogames, it wasn’t with these super-high graphics that we have today. Oh no. 8 bit was still kinda crazy in terms of resolution. And if you’re looking to bring back the feeling of those games on your tabletop, you can with Heroes of Cerulea, a new RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now with a distinctly old-school feel.

From the article:

The world is locked in a perpetual cycle of conflict between good and evil—the Guardian and the Paragon bravely defend the world against the Shadow King and his horde of monsters. All three have been reborn numerous times throughout history.

Now, the Shadow King has returned once more. But the Guardian and the Paragon are still nowhere to be seen… New heroes must come to Cerulea’s aid!

Heroes of Cerulea is an adventure tabletop role-playing game where you explore dungeons, fight monsters, solve puzzles, gather keys, find new items, and defeat bosses. 

Lo-fi art and rules; high playability.

It’s heavily inspired by the classic Legend of Zelda games, and by old-school role-playing.

The campaign’s around 2x funded with 17 days left to go.