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Monte Cook Games Releases Fast-Prep RPG Experience with “Who the Devil Are You?”

Monte Cook Games Releases Fast-Prep RPG Experience with “Who the Devil Are You?”

Monte Cook Games launched its newest offering, “Who the Devil Are You?”. The company, known for subverting conventions, has outdone itself with this zero-prep RPG, where players not only create characters but also collaboratively build the world and plot.

In traditional RPGs, the Game Master (GM) constructs the story, setting, and context while the players mold characters to fit that world. “Who the Devil Are You?” flips this approach, presenting a fast-paced, creative role-playing experience where the players, through character development, help establish the story’s universe and the overarching narrative.

The game begins with an image prompt that sets a scene across genres—be it science fiction, fantasy, horror, modern, or even comedic. Players collectively decide what the scene represents, who the characters are, and the context behind the scene. The GM then sketches out the conflict, plot points, and other details from the players’ creative input. Thus, the game becomes an exercise in improvisation, leading to a unique, coherent story with unexpected twists and turns.

Monte Cook, the creator of “Who the Devil Are You?” said, “I love to see people create. I love to be surprised—or actually thrown for a legitimate loop—by the gamers at my table. This is one of my favorite games.”

The game package includes a 50-page PDF rulebook encompassing fast-paced rules, a toolset for transforming improvised gaming into an engrossing story, and a wealth of GM advice for maximizing the experience. A deck of 50 cards, provided in PDF and self-print format, regulates play, introduces an element of unpredictability, and fuels player and GM creativity. Six scenario cards offer players a game-inspiring image on one side and provide useful prompts and notes to the GM on the other. The emphasis is firmly on encouraging a world that’s a limitless “creative sandbox”.

“Who the Devil Are You?” promises to deliver an original, rapid, and enthralling game within two to four hours with zero preparation. Available exclusively in PDF format, the game can be purchased for $9.99.