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World of Tanks Tabletop Gaming Coming in September

World of Tanks Tabletop Gaming Coming in September

Many of you have hopped into your Panzer or Tiger or Patton and headed across virtual landscapes, looking to take out enemy tanks. Well, soon, you’ll be able to do the same on your tabletops. Gale Force 9 has announced that they’re coming out with a World of Tanks tabletop game this September.

From the website:

The online gaming sensation World of Tanks, will be hitting the tabletop this September!

The World of Tanks: Miniatures Game is an easy to learn, quick play game, where you take command of a unit of tanks, seeking to destroy your opponent and secure victory!

The starter set contains everything you need to start playing, including:

  • 4x Highly Detailed, Assembled, Painted Plastic Tanks
  • 6x Custom Dice
  • Tank Cards
  • Terrain and Tokens
  • Crew, Module and Upgrade Cards
  • Critical Deck

An extensive release plan will follow, allowing player to expand and customize their force.