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Friday Snippets

Friday Snippets

Happy Weekend Eve, everybody! I hope you had a good week and that your weekend is shaping up to be awesome. It’s looking like I might be headed to the Ren Faire. Should be a good time. Gotta get me a turkey leg (yes, I know how entirely anachronistic having a turkey leg at a Renaissance fair would be. I do have a history degree, after all). But before I dive into that tasty treat, let’s nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Lost Souls III 3D Print Minis Up On Kickstarter

The Campaign Includes:

  • 42 Wraith Miniatures
  • 45 Unique Props
  • 2 Buildings
  • 10 Bases 25mm
  • Lots of new miniatures with unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Professionally Pre-supported by @thingsi3Dprinted
  • Non-supported STLs
  • Lychee files
  • Rendered images

The wraith character models are designed for resin 3D printing and to fit smaller printers as well. Props and buildings can be printed with FDM printers. We test printed on a Phorzen Sonic Mini 4K and an Anycubic Kobra. All in 32mm scale.

Heck Ghosts 3D Print Sci-fi Army Up On Kickstarter

Hello Sci-fi 3D Printing Community! I am a Vancouver based Animator more commonly known as ThatEvilOne in 3D printing circles. This is my Fourth Kickstarter following the immense success we had with the Lunar Auxilia and Roma Ad Astra.

Oriental Adventures 3D Print Minis Up On Kickstarter

We are a bunch of RPG players that decided to start releasing stuff for our games that isn’t commonly available in the net. There’s a bucn of STLs covering all kind of genres and subgenres, for almost nothing related to the Oriental Sword and Fantasy, so, here we are, bringing a pack of miniatures + scenary props ready for any of your RPG sessions, or your wargame battles…

Spiky Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter

Let’s craft some metal dice! My Botanical (2012), Cage (2010), Helix (2018), and Thorn V2 (2019) have been available for years as 3D print-on-demand sets at a high premium. I have now found a production partner who can craft them with consistent high quality.

The initial offerings will be four sets: Botanical, Cage, Helix, and Thorn V2. Each will be available in three finishes: Antique Brass, Antique Copper, and Antique Silver.

Sci-Fi Mecha Minis Up On Kickstarter

Pre-supported 3d printable 6mm Mecha, compatible with a wide variety of tabletop boardgames.

Cherry-Pineapple Swirl Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Picture it… a hot Summer afternoon. A day chock-full of bike riding, hide and seek, and an impromptu series of games where no one really kept track of the score. The gang begs for someone to ask their mom for cold drinks and popsicles… something, anything, to take the edge off of the sun’s torment. But just then… the siren song of an old familiar tune looms in the distance. A beat-up, but loveable ice cream truck appears on the horizon. The gang pools their allowance and spare change… yes! Just enough for a tried and true favorite treat for everyone. The Cherry Pineapple Swirl… now that… that epitomized Summer. And soon, it would be yours… Ah. The good ol’ days.