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City of Mist RPG: Local Legends Smashes Crowdfunding Goal on Indiegogo

City of Mist RPG: Local Legends Smashes Crowdfunding Goal on Indiegogo

City of Mist RPG: Local Legends has raised over six times its initial goal on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, with $200,000 pledged by 2,300 backers. The tabletop game is set in a neo-noir world where mythical creatures have been reborn within everyday individuals.

The Local Legends supplement adds two new districts to the City, Chinatown and The Campus, and includes new adversaries and allies, as well as playable characters, maps, custom dice, adversary cards, a soundtrack, and more. Each district also includes a new locally-focused One-Shot Case for players to investigate.

City of Mist combines graphic novel and noir aesthetics with reality-bending superpowers steeped in myth and legend. The game features ordinary people wielding legendary powers, known as Rifts, who are living gateways to another reality.

The mystical veil of the Mist hides these powers from the other, sleepwalking residents of the City, making armor look like a flak vest and fire breathing like a cheap party trick or a gas leak explosion. The Local Legends supplement expands on the communities and subcultures of the City’s Districts, and provides more lore and player options.

The crowdfunding campaign also offers backers the chance to own all existing City of Mist books and sets, with all items shipping in April 2023 to the US, UK, EU, or Canada.

If you love media that injects mythology into the modern world, like Persona, Fables/The Wolf Among Us, American Gods, Moon Knight, Once Upon A Time, Lucifer, or Percy Jackson, and enjoy gritty street-level detective-heroes, like The Umbrella Academy, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Titans, then City of Mist may be the perfect tabletop game for you.