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Podcast Radio

… It’s already Tuesday. I would love to know what it is about my sense of time that has gone so wonky. Some days flash by in an instant. Others absolutely never end. I realize that it’s always kinda been like that, but it’s been more extremely lately, it seems… Oh well… Seeing as it is Tuesday, let’s get you some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

The Secret Cabal Episode 274: The Witcher Old World and the Cabalists Court

Good morning and happy Wednesday Cabalists, it’s that time again for some irreverent nonsense with The Founders! Today the gang talks about the new Discord channel and runs through some of the games they’ve been playing including Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory, Takenoko, Mindbug: Beyond, Now or Never, Agricola 15 and feature The Witcher Old World. Then Tony T gives us the best damned official tabletop gaming news you’ll ever hear. And finally Judge Topper is back, and court is in session with The Cabalist’s Court.

The D6 Generation Pip 159: Author Interviews at BaltiCon 2023

Craig talks to authors from around the Baltimore/DC area about their work, their processes, their challenges and more. 

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 294: Are COIN games difficult to learn?

The COIN series of games from GMT Games is very popular series of games. However, the look and rules may be intimidating to gamers. I teach 3 players Cuba Libre and they are on this episode to give their thoughts on the series. How hard was it to learn? How does it compare to other games? What did they like about the game.

Big thanks to Ben Haimowitz, Ben Nicholson and Evan Miller for coming on the show!