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Mantic Games Teases “Worms: The Board Game”

Mantic Games Teases “Worms: The Board Game”

Mantic Games, in collaboration with the renowned Team17 crew, have given board game enthusiasts a much-anticipated glimpse into their upcoming release – “Worms: The Board Game”.

The game, inspired by the iconic Worms video game series, has reached an advanced stage in its development. Mantic Games reveals that the fundamental design of the board game is now finalized. After rigorous playtesting sessions, they’ve honed and perfected the already captivating gameplay. What’s more, the first batch of Worms miniatures has been sculpted, and demo versions are currently on their way to board game reviewers.

However, Mapleston was keen to remind fans that the game is still in the refinement phase. Mantic Games has teamed up closely with Team17 to ensure that the board game captures the authentic essence and fun of the original Worms experience.

From the sneak peek, it’s evident that the game boasts a hex-based landscape where players navigate their Worms, evading mines, collecting crates, and strategically positioning themselves to employ the ideal weapon against adversaries. The objective is simple yet thrilling: sustain your team’s vitality, diminish the opposition’s strength, and triumph!

Fans can anticipate the iconic elements from the Worms video game series: from conventional weaponry and supplies to a destructible landscape. And for those matches that stretch longer than anticipated, a series of sudden-death cards lurk at the deck’s bottom to spice things up.

Yet, the crown jewels of this update are undeniably the Worms miniatures. Described as some of the “most fun miniatures” the team has ever crafted, they’re brimming with humor and charisma.

Worms: The Board Game promises a delightful blend of strategy, chance, and amusement, crafting an irresistible allure of “just one more game” that both friends and families will cherish.

For those eager to get their hands on this exhilarating board game, Mantic Games has set up a Kickstarter campaign page, allowing enthusiasts to sign up for notifications.

As the release date inches closer, the message from Team Mantic is clear: “See you in the campaign soon!”