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Games Workshop Unveils Techmite Autoveyor and Squat Claim Jumper for Necromunda

Games Workshop Unveils Techmite Autoveyor and Squat Claim Jumper for Necromunda

In the desolate, war-torn world of Necromunda, even the faintest glimmer of wealth is a beacon. Games Workshop recently announced the upcoming release of two new resin miniatures that perfectly embody this treasure-seeking spirit: the Squat Claim Jumper and his companion, the Techmite Autoveyor.

Necromunda, like many Imperium worlds, is a planet on the brink of exhaustion. Its mineral wealth has been mostly depleted after relentless millennia of industry, with even hazardous byproducts dwindling. Amidst the chaos of the Aranthian Succession, the Ironhead Squat Prospectors are tirelessly combing the outlands, seeking whatever hidden riches might lie beneath the ashen dunes.

The most enterprising and skilled of these prospectors are known as Claim Jumpers. Armed with their tools and gem extractors, these resilient explorers venture into the wastes, guided by an uncanny ability to locate unstaked mining sites and potential treasure troves.

The Claim Jumpers don’t solely rely on intuition and skill. They are also accompanied by Techmite Autoveyors, small robots regarded as both pets and essential tools. Each Techmite is equipped with a variety of multi-use tools, ideal for uncovering valuable scrap and credits from the most unlikely places.

Interestingly, in Necromunda’s hostile environment, protocol dictates that any staked resource sites belong to the House that found them. However, the Claim Jumpers have a reputation for pilfering these stashes even before a gang can set up shop.

This new pair of resin miniatures represents the epitome of resourcefulness and the relentless drive for survival in Necromunda’s harsh reality. The Squat Claim Jumper and the Techmite Autoveyor will be available for pre-order soon.