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Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide Launched a Week Early by Modiphius

Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide Launched a Week Early by Modiphius

In a surprise move, gaming giant Modiphius has announced the early release of its eagerly anticipated Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide. Originally slated for an August 3 release, the company decided to launch the guide a week ahead of schedule, much to the delight of Star Trek fans worldwide.

The unexpected change was influenced by a recent episode of Strange New Worlds that crossed over with Lower Decks. While Modiphius doesn’t hold the license to Strange New Worlds, it does have the rights to Lower Decks. Considering the significant impact and ongoing discussions around the episode, the company seized the moment to bring forward the release of the book.

“We thought we’d release the book to the world a week early,” stated the company on its official website. “Because we love all Star Trek, and we love all our fans, past, present, and future.”

The Lower Decks Campaign Guide is a 240-page comprehensive guide packed with new playable species, new spaceframes, new NPCs, and a wealth of lore about the lower decks officer experience. It caters not only to Starfleet games but also to games based in any other polity within the Star Trek universe. The guide also offers valuable gamemaster guidance on structuring and running episodes similar to the Lower Decks’ tone of humor, though it humorously warns that it can’t teach you how to be funny.

This early release comes just before another major Modiphius offering — the Captain’s Log — which is due to launch next week. While the company joked about the idea of having two major Star Trek Adventures releases hitting at the same time, it ultimately decided against it.

Now available in both print and digital formats, fans are encouraged to grab a copy of the Lower Decks Campaign Guide to further their adventures in the Star Trek universe. Orders can be placed on the official Modiphius webstore or on DriveThruRPG.

In addition to the new campaign guide, players can also purchase the Star Trek Adventures RPG core rulebook or the starter set to dive into the final frontier of gaming.