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Eldritch Foundry Launches a New Set of Heroic Poses for Custom Tabletop Miniatures

Eldritch Foundry Launches a New Set of Heroic Poses for Custom Tabletop Miniatures

Eldritch Foundry has announced the release of a new set of heroic poses for its figures. The company, known for allowing players to design their own miniatures with unparalleled detail and quality, is poised to provide its users with even more customization options.

After an extensive research process, Eldritch Foundry drew inspiration from an array of miniature ranges, computer games, and pieces of art to craft their new pose options. The company’s main objective was to provide a variety of dynamic poses that not only look cool and epic but also tell a story. Whether players wish to create a hero or a villain, these new poses offer them the opportunity to bring their characters to life more vividly.

What sets Eldritch Foundry apart from other companies in the sector is their unique design philosophy. The company aims to give custom miniatures a high-fidelity, mature look, ensuring each creation is visually distinct. They achieve this by using multiple rigs and skeletons, resulting in distinguishable figures, for example, a Dwarf would visually differ from a Human or an Elf from a Goliath.

Furthermore, Eldritch Foundry emphasizes detail and quality. Every piece is sculpted meticulously and undergoes multiple print tests before being published. The company also offers special item categories for adding unique elements to the characters, such as gauntlets, chained weapons, and unique base effects.

All of Eldritch Foundry’s miniatures are produced in a unique grey resin, chosen specifically to mimic the look and feel of resin injection mold. The company prides itself on offering this high-quality product at a lower cost than competitors, and with a resolution that is two to four times greater.

The miniatures are designed in a 34mm heroic scale, equivalent to a 6-foot tall human male, and are placed on a 1-inch base. Eldritch Foundry also offers double-sized miniatures (68mm) on a 2-inch base for those seeking a more prominent figure.

Eldritch Foundry continues to make a name for itself in the world of custom tabletop miniatures, and this latest release of heroic poses exemplifies their commitment to providing the gaming community with high-quality, custom creations.