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Welcome to our Battlefront news hub. Below you will find the latest news about Battlefront and the games in their catalogue.

  • Founded: NA
  • Games: Flames of War

Latest News:

While the Russians and Germans were the main forces involved in the Bagration actions during WWII, they were hardly the only armies involved, Battlefront is expanding the Flames of War armies for this section with the release of Axis-Allies. Pre-orders for this new book are happening now. About the book: Background on the Finnish, Hungarian, …

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Battlefront had their big Live Launch weekend for the new Soviets coming to Flames of War. This week, they continue their releases with some more units, as well as some accessories and even a battlefield terrain pack. Have yourselves a look. City Ruins (Plastic) (BB300) The City Ruins box includes 32 pieces, allowing you to …

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