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Games Workshop Announces Price Hikes

Games Workshop Announces Price Hikes

Times have been tough for a couple years now. The price of everything is going up. I know my bills have been more expensive lately. Unfortunately, that’s going to move to my hobbies as well. Games Workshop has announced some price increases for some of their products.

From the article:

You can hardly pick up a newspaper or see a headline today without mention of rising costs. Electricity, gas, raw materials, shipping – inflation is abroad in the land and we’re not immune to its effects.

So, regrettably, we’ll soon be increasing prices a little.

In most cases, this will be about 5%. So, as an example of what you can expect on most kits, a box of Space Marine Intercessors will go up just £1 from £35 to £36.*

A few things are going up about 10% (e.g. books, scenery, resin miniatures), and there are a couple of outliers (e.g. Blood Bowl teams and metal miniatures) which are going up around 20%. 

The price change will come into effect on the 7th of March.