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Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: A New Addition to the Epic Battles Range

Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: A New Addition to the Epic Battles Range

War-gamers and history buffs, get ready for a new addition to the Epic Battles range – Pike & Shotte! Announced by the Warlord Games Design Studio team after months of speculation from the community, this new range brings to life the iconic conflicts of the 17th century in Europe. The new range includes a monster starter set, Infantry and Cavalry boxed sets, casualty markers, and scenery kits.

The starter set – Push of Pike – is massive and contains 1,288 figures and 12 artillery pieces, giving players the perfect way to dive right into the era. The set includes fantastically elaborate flags of the period for belligerents of both the Thirty Years’ War in Europe and the English Civil Wars, and a laser-cut MDF kit of an iconic fortified manor house of the period.

The Infantry Battalia box and Cavalry boxed set are a great way to expand your forces. The Infantry Battalia box gives you three regiments of combined pikemen and musketeers, while the Cavalry boxed set includes horsemen, commanders, infantry, and artillery, allowing you to add the all-important horsemen to your army, as well as the big guns of the ordnance and the versatile mounted infantry capabilities of the dragoons.

Casualty markers are a vital part of Pike & Shotte, and the new range includes 18 assorted casualty markers, ideal for tracking the damage your units take as the battle progresses and lending a touch of extra realism to your tabletop battlefields.

Finally, there are two MDF scenery packs to decorate your gaming tables – the Thatched Hamlet and the Village – which are ideal for both the Thirty Years’ War and English Civil Wars. These kits make the perfect objectives to fight over and offer a touch of realism to the battlefield.

The revised A5 rulebook perfectly sized for any general’s saddlebag contains all you need to get playing, with specific flavorings that will cement your battles in the battles of the English Civil Wars and the Thirty Years’ War.

The new range is a great addition to the Epic Battles series and is sure to be a hit with history enthusiasts and war-gamers alike. So rally your troops and raise the Royal Standard – Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles is coming!