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Warcrow Unveils Its First Battle Box: A Detailed Look at the Miniatures and More

Warcrow Unveils Its First Battle Box: A Detailed Look at the Miniatures and More

Corvus Belli has released some long-awaited details about the contents of the first Warcrow Battle Box.

Battle Box Components

The initial “battle box” will feature two distinct nations, offering enough material for players to engage in their early games. Each nation is represented by seven intricately designed miniatures.

Hegemony of Embersig

The Hegemony of Embersig is a cosmopolitan empire, consisting of humans, Aestari elves, and ghent dwarves.

Drago the Anvil: An official Hetman and a single-troop unit. Drago lost an eye to a varank marauder, which fuels his enthusiasm for his first mission: driving the Northern Tribes back to the sea.

Frostfire Herald: An Aestari elf specializing in elemental magic. The unit can launch fire spheres and freeze enemies into ice statues.

Bucklermen: A unit of three, led by a distinguished leader, offering overall flexibility in a time of increasing skirmishes.

War Surgeon: Armed with scientific knowledge, the War Surgeon is the go-to for medical duties, keeping hands steady even in the heat of battle.

The Northern Tribes

This alliance of orcs and varank represents the lethal warriors of the Boreal Lands.

Alborc, the Wrathmane: The leader of the Northern Tribes. Alborc is a single-troop unit but can join other units, dominating through his physical size, charisma, and raw power.

Hunters: This unit thrives on ambushing prey and is perfectly suited for skirmishes.

Evoker: Capable of summoning rock trolls and invoking power from past lives to increase lethality.

Wisemane: The elder of the tribe, here to pass on combat experience in the most violent manner possible.


The flashpoint for this battle pack centers on the events following the capture of Grjotgard, a northern territory formerly belonging to the dwarves of Mounthaven. The Northern Tribes have descended to conquest this land, instigating a face-off with the Hegemony of Embersig.

Release Date & Beyond

Warcrow is currently in its full development phase. The official announcement will be made at Adepticon 2024, with the product slated for sale at GenCon 2024.

At Interplanetario 2023, the makers also teased a second battle box, containing six new miniatures—three for each army—to expand on the starter box.