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The Damned: New Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Campaign on Gamefound

The Damned: New Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Campaign on Gamefound

MiniWarGaming (MWG) and Wargames Atlantic have teamed up to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound for “The Damned,” a unique range of 28mm heroic multi-part hard plastic post-apocalyptic sci-fi miniatures. With 23 days remaining, the campaign has already secured 79% of its funding goal from 405 backers, with a total pledge amount of $79,782 against the set target of $100,000.

“The Damned” features an extensive array of intricately designed miniatures, scaled at 28mm heroic for use in various tabletop games. The miniatures come as part of eight highly detailed and versatile hard plastic kits, which the companies hope to bring to life with the support of the gaming community.

If the campaign reaches its funding target, it will unlock four new hard plastic sets for “The Damned.” This includes Infantry, Weapons Teams, Brutes, and Command. Moreover, a series of stretch goals will unveil additional hard plastic frames and full sets. These incorporate textured bases in a variety of sizes, Outriders, Hounds, Artillery, and a full multi-sprue plastic vehicle.

The collaboration between MWG and Wargames Atlantic introduces a refreshing take on sci-fi miniatures, promising to elevate tabletop gaming experiences with high-quality, detail-oriented designs. These post-apocalyptic miniatures aim to capture the imagination of backers and provide them with a diverse set of characters and elements to use in their games.

With its funding goal in sight, “The Damned” is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the tabletop gaming scene. The campaign offers an exciting opportunity for gamers and miniature collectors alike to expand their collections and dive deeper into their favorite post-apocalyptic narratives. Potential backers have until the campaign’s conclusion in 23 days to contribute and help bring “The Damned” to life.