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Lakeside Adventure Awaits: ‘Hamlet: By the Lake’ Kickstarter Campaign Launches July 11

Lakeside Adventure Awaits: ‘Hamlet: By the Lake’ Kickstarter Campaign Launches July 11

The award-winning studio, Mighty Boards, announced that its upcoming game, “Hamlet: By the Lake,” will launch on Kickstarter on July 11th. The innovative game takes village-building to a new frontier, allowing players to create thriving lakeside communities.

Created by David Chircop, known for successful titles like “Petrichor” and “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Hamlet: By the Lake” adds a new dimension to the popular base game, “Hamlet.” Players form lakes, build boats, fish, and prepare seasonal meals for their villagers, giving them special abilities and adding to the richness of gameplay.

The new lakeside setting not only provides a refreshing aesthetic but also increases strategy levels, providing players with more individual control over resources and greater customizability. This sequel offers a deeper layer of variability to “Hamlet,” pushing the boundaries of the game beyond its original format.

“Hamlet: By the Lake” retains the medium weight competitive village-building dynamic that made its predecessor a hit among fans. The communal construction of buildings, which generates materials, refines resources, earns money, and makes essential deliveries, continues in this version. One notable addition is the construction of a new landmark—the Church, adding to the communal aspect of the game.

The game features uniquely shaped tiles that interconnect without a grid, allowing for a different village layout each time. The creation of interconnecting paths for villagers to transport resources across the village adds a layer of organic growth to gameplay.

Designed to accommodate 1 to 4 players, “Hamlet: By the Lake” also features a solo mode currently in development, catering to the needs of solitary gamers and making the game even more accessible to a wide range of players.

With its innovative approach to strategy and its unique lakeside setting, “Hamlet: By the Lake” is set to make a splash in the world of tabletop gaming. Those interested in supporting the game can visit the Kickstarter prelaunch page for notifications about the campaign’s launch.