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Into the Godsgrave: Digital Hybrid Board Game Soars Past Kickstarter Goal

Into the Godsgrave: Digital Hybrid Board Game Soars Past Kickstarter Goal

Lucky Duck Games’ ambitious new project, “Into the Godsgrave,” has more than doubled its Kickstarter goal, pulling in over $106,000 from 943 backers with 16 days left in the campaign, which ends on June 16.

“Into the Godsgrave” is a unique digital hybrid board game where players, taking on the roles of mercenaries in a world recovering from divine destruction, have to navigate their way through shifting political landscapes and explore uncharted territories. The game, designed for 1 to 4 players, features cooperative gameplay that demands teamwork and strategic thinking.

The game’s narrative paints a vivid image: players live in a world where once-omnipotent gods, cruel and whimsical in their control over human fate, have been slain. In their place, new deities are emerging, bringing with them uncertainty and the potential for upheaval. As mercenaries, players accept jobs and navigate these tumultuous times, charting their own paths amid the chaos.

Using a companion app, “Into the Godsgrave” brings an intriguing mix of digital and physical elements to tabletop gaming. The app guides players through the game’s sprawling world, introducing enemies, managing quests, and dynamically adjusting the storyline based on players’ decisions.

Each player’s hero in the game comes with a unique deck, determined by their lineage and class, which can be expanded and customized through scenario rewards. Cards cover a range of items, weapons, abilities, and epic maneuvers known as Events. These decks not only add depth to the characters but also enhance strategic gameplay.

Character skills are represented by a unique set of dice, used in various game scenarios such as scouting areas, negotiating with NPCs, and engaging in combat. Furthermore, the game includes Plan Cards, which dictate the party’s approach each round, adding yet another layer of strategy.