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Geeknson’s Gwen Gaming Table Raises Over £640,000 on Kickstarter with 25 Days Left to Go

Geeknson’s Gwen Gaming Table Raises Over £640,000 on Kickstarter with 25 Days Left to Go

Geeknson, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of professional board game tables, has launched its newest project on Kickstarter – the Gwen Gaming Table. With 25 days left to go, the campaign has already raised over £640,000 from an initial goal of £50,000. The campaign ends on May 18.

Geeknson is a family-run business, and the company’s founders are all board game enthusiasts. They created the Gwen Gaming Table to solve the problems of pausing a board game when it is set up on a dining room table, keeping board games safely set up when paused for a long period of time, and combining family life with game life at the table.

The Gwen Gaming Table features a modular design of tabletop leaves, which is easily removable and much easier to store when not in use. The table also offers three solutions for safely storing the tabletop leaves, all made to match the table – the Leaf Box, the Gwen Bench, and the Hobby Desk.

The PRO Modular Fabric Inset enables players to easily pick up game components like cards and tokens and use metal dice without fear of leaving marks on the table. The Gwen Gaming Table also features LED lights powered from a USB cable, which can be powered from a power bank, eliminating the need for dangling cables.

Geeknson delivers its tables throughout Europe, the UK, Switzerland, and Norway. Recently, the company has started deliveries to the continental US and Canada as well. The company works closely with its workshops to ensure that its wood is sustainably sourced and that staff are working in a safe and friendly environment.

Geeknson has already run five successful crowdfunding campaigns and is constantly evolving its designs and approach to products to enhance players’ overall experience and enjoyment of the game.

The Gwen Gaming Table is an exciting addition to the Geeknson lineup, offering a comfortable and practical solution for board game enthusiasts.